Frequently Asked Questions:


How can I register?

There's a "create an account" link on the bottom, right side of the home page.  Also, every page includes a login/logout link in the rmenu on the right side which will lead you to a login screen that contains a "Don't have an account?" link.

Either of the Create an account or Don't have an account links will open a registration form.  The site asks only for your name, a username you'd like to show as on the site, and an email address to verify your login.


Does anything here cost anything?

Registration on the site is completely free.  We never ask for any financial or payment information.   JAMs are free- there may be some food provided-  pizza, chilli, pie etc., if you want to leave a couple bucks if you attent that would probably be ok.   We incur an expense for the professional acts, such as Donna Ulisse and the Poor Mountain Boys, and we try and offset the cost (along with other incidentals such as food and help), with a suggested donation which is published ahead of events.  This is a non-profit, friends & family venue, so costs are kept as moderate as possible - just enough to cover expenses.


Why should I register?

An unregistered guest is able to see only very basic information- Barn history, past events etc.    As soon as you register you gain access to a calendar of upcoming events (and there are some outstanding ones),  Past Jam information, pictures, recording samples.  


Why do I need an email address to register?

Your email address is used to verify that you're a real person, or to reset your password if you ever forget it.  At some point in the future you may have an option to join a mailing list if you desire.   We don't have one at this time.  If you choose to participate in the jams, we might forward information about any changes in time / location etc.


Is anyone invited to your jams?

 The goal this late Spring, Summer, and early Fall is to host a few large jams in the barn. The jams will be announced on this website and we'll ask people to confirm their attendance. Preferably we would make it a potluck. You won't have to play an instrument to can sit in the audience and enjoy the music. 


How do I find out more information about your jams?

Expect an announcement at this site in about a month in advance. We'll probably work on a email distribution list for those that are interested. 


How can I find out about upcoming events- I don't see anything posted?

  REGISTER!!   Registering for the site elevates you to Friend/Family status and exposes the list of upcoming events and performers.


Can I stop or change the background music?

 Yes.  Every page has a control to play, pause or change the volume of the background music.  These are the 4 small blue controls towards the top left of each page, just under the page banner.   The triangle button is PLAY,  the double VerticalBar  button is PAUSE.  Note:  There are some situations with Microsoft Internet Explorer (likely based on your specific IE settings) where the control remains hidden.  Please use your computers mute button or try a different browser (chrome, firefox etc) if this is the case. Note that the background music will change periodically. 


What is your privacy policy?

You are asked for a valid email address and name when you register.  Your email address is never shared or sold.  Please see the full privacy policy here->PrivacyPolicy


Technical Rider:

Scheduling an event?  Here's our house equipment list: technical Rider

  (please register to enable link)


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